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Non-Toxic Transparent Milky White Colorful Flexible Clear High Pressure Soft Thin Water Silicone Tube Hose

Silicone hose main use: Fluid equipment: such as medical food, cosmetic equipment 1. Medical equipment connecting lines, catheters, etc. 2. baby bottle straws, breast pump conduit, children's water cup straws, food and beverage straws, etc. 3. insulated tubing for electrical instruments and wires, etc. 4. food conduits for hookahs, water dispensers, coffee makers, juice makers, faucets, etc.

Smooth Surface Transparent 10MM Platinum Cured Coffee Machine Air Rubber Silicone Tube Hose

Advantage: environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless, does not contain plasticizers, does not contain bisphenol A Silicone tube performance parameters: 1. Size range: inner diameter 0.4-70mm, outer diameter 0.7-80mm 2. Dimensional tolerances: conventional tolerance of 0.1mm, precision tolerance of 0.05mm. 3. Hardness range: 30-80A 4. Color: Can be customized according to Pantone or customer samples.

Elbow Straight Car Truck Oil Fluorine Inner Layer Silicone Tubing Turbo Intake Pipe Hose

The silicone hose are designed to replace original equipment in a wide range of performance vehicles Hebei Diao Rubber Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and supplying high quality sanitary grade silicone hose, fuel hoses, radiator hoses, rubber seals, silicone neon tube,and silicone sheets, and other various truck and car rubber accessories (supporting OEM and ODM).

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Our factory specializes in the production and supply of high quality silicone hoses, food grade silicone hoses, medical silicone hoses, fuel hoses, radiator hoses, air rubber hoses, EPDM sealing strips, spiral protective covers and silicone plates and other trucks, automotive rubber accessories (support OEM and ODM).

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